Terms & Conditions


  1. Opening of digital account is mandatory for eligible customers applying for overseas plots.
  2. Overseas with NICOP / POC holders shall be eligible to participate
  3. NICOP holders residing in Pakistan can also apply and no restriction on number of applications.
  4. Each plot shall have 2 allotees (successful and reserve).
  5. Intimation Letter shall be sent electronically to first successful allottee and second allotee will be informed as a reserve.
  6. In case first allotee defaults at any stage second allottee shall be given a chance for allotment.
  7. In case applicant opts 2 or 3 years installment plan and willing to pay early payment, rebate will be admissible @ 4% in 1 year and 2% in Second year.
  8. Processing Fee of PKR 30,000/- for 1 Kanal Plot and PKR 20,000/- for 10 Marla Plot (non-refundable).
  9. In case of non payment of 15% & 20% confirmation payment within 30 days in both the payment models grace period of 30 days would be applicable with 2% surcharge.
  10. In lump sum payment model if applicant fails to pay lump sum amount in 90 days, he/she would be given additional 30 days time with 2% surcharge for submission of payment.
  11. In case of cancellation of a plot, 10% of deposited amount will be deducted on deposited amount.
  12. Refunds to be made without any interest / markup on deposited amount.
  13. If an allottee fails to pay two consecutive installments of plot as per the issued installment plan, the allotment shall be liable for cancellation.
  14. On cancellation (failure in depositing Confirmation Payment in stipulated time or later), 2nd allottee shall be considered for allotment of same plot.
  15. 6 months KIBOR + 5% per annum would be charged on late payment of installments
  16. Allotment Letter will be processed after receipt of sale consideration / development charges and deposit of Government taxes on initial allotment. This shall be dispatched as per existing DHA Policy.
  17. Allottees will be required to pay DHAI-R Membership Fee and other applicable charges.
  18. Applicants to abide by DHAI-R Bye-Laws for allotment of plot (Site Plan, Possession and Construction etc).
  19. 10% extra charges will be paid by the applicants for corner plots.
  20. The Price is based on DHAI-R standard size of plot. Variation in cost-effect due to size of plot shall be adjusted on receipt of Site Plan / Possession.
  21. Possession of the plot shall be handed over to the applicant for construction after approval of house design as per DHAI-R construction Bye-Laws.
  22. Resale will be allowed on payment of complete price as per DHAI-R Bye-Laws for overseas.
  23. Normal service / utility connection charges will be applicable as per prevailing DHAI-R regulations.
  24. All payments to be made as per category / size of plot according to schedule of payment in favour of “Defence Housing Authority Islamabad” in designated Bank Accounts.
  25. DHAI-R reserves the right to allot/ sell a plot surrendered by an allottee due to non-payment to any other applicant or person and ex-allottee have no right to such plot. Decision of Management Committee shall not be challenged at any forum.
  26. Every allottee will abide by these terms and conditions of DHAI-R for allotment, possession, ownership construction re-sale / transfer applicable from time to time.
  27. Declaration by Reserve Allottee. By agreeing to be placed as RESERVE allottee during balloting for a plot, I accept the following terms and conditions:-
    1. I will not claim any interest / markup on the submitted amount if I do not stand successful at the culmination of 4 months.
  28. Disclaimer
    1. Repatriation of money only possible through Roshan Digital Acct/Visa, Master and any Bank Debit Card.